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the lockdown shows of 2020

Recorded LIVE during the COVID-19 Lockdowns

During the mandatory Australian Lockdowns of 2020, Salsa Kingz® made an improv announcement and a commitment to keep entertaining all our fans through a brand new initiative called: "The Salsa Kingz LIVE SHOW". "We where all stuck at home and the fear was real". Despite the uncertainty, Christian and the Salsa Kingz team went out and started a Facebook LIVE TV show which first aired at the beginning of the Sydney Lockdowns on Saturday 28th March 2020. It ran successfully for 10 consecutive weeks until the lockdowns eased on the 1st June 2020.


The LIVE shows where originally produced in our home-office but by the end of the 2nd episode, we partnered with a professional team and moved our production to our friends at VC Studios. The show quickly evolved into a variety style program which included interactive games, music and a lineup of special guests. We where honored to have served thousands of homes with a beacon of hope, specially whilst the lockdowns where fully enforced. Before we knew it, our weekly 2 hour show had become a HIT sensation. 


Viva Magazine picked up and covered our COVID-19 story which was published in their June/July 2020  Issue. You can find our full story on the online magazine version here: Viva Magazine. 

"We humbly thank all our fans for their love & support during these uncertain times. If you missed our LIVE TV shows, we cordially invite you to catch up on the complete Season 1 on the link above".


"We truly hope you enjoyed our TV journey as much as we did. Once the COVID restrictions are over, we look forward to getting back on stage and sharing our music with all our fans once again".

Sincerely from all of us here at:

Salsa Kingz Team.

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