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Sonora Galaxia

A Long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... Long before there ever was a Salsa Kingz® band, there was a young Galaxia band brewing destined to take Sydney by storm. Formed in the mid 1980's, they quickly evolved into "Sonora Galaxia" becoming one of the most popular Latin bands of the era.

Sonora Galaxia was the band that pioneered the way for many bands in the Aussie Latin dance scene. They performed at some of the most iconic events during the 90's including the prestigious closing ceremony of the Sydney Olympics in 2000 - Domain Stage (featured in video below). ​


After nearly two decades of performing around the country, they were hailed as Australia's premier Latin band by The Sunday Telegraph in 2000. Today they are fondly remembered by many of their fans as one of their favourite Latin bands when growing up.

Three decades later, we salute all those talented musicians that at one stage of their careers were part of this incredible legacy. We have put a very special video compilation (above) featuring all those wonderful musicians who contributed to the band's success. 

Today we are continually working behind the scenes to keep this musical legacy going strong.  Our mission at Salsa Kingz® is "to continue the legacy of our pioneering Latin band Sonora Galaxia.  By doing this we hope to inspire musicians everywhere to keep Latin music alive for future generations to enjoy".

If you enjoyed this band, we would love the hear from you. Please drop us a line and let us know your favourite memories of Sonora Galaxia.

Sonora Galaxia extended footage of

Sydney Olympics 2000

Closing (The Domain)